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Title FAQ
Posted by Soonsoojaa (ip:)
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  • Date 2018-04-26 19:01:32
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Is AxP good?

I remember an ad on TV that said, “it's good, how can I explain how great it is...” :)

That’s how we feel about Soonsoojaa Ato-derma.

Unfortunately, the term “AxP” doesn't appear in the Korean Cosmetics Act... :( We think it's just too good for words... ;)

You’re a clever, open-minded person, so we’re sure you understand.

The good news is that as of July, the term “AxP” can be used for cosmetics.

Until that day when Soonsoojaa gets the recognition it deserves!

That’s all we need to say… smart customer, don't you know the answer? :)



Are these products effective against allergies and itching?

Soonsoojaa has put a lot of care into the most difficult problem of itchiness.

Problem skin has a broken skin barrier and protective layer, so bacteria such as Staphylococcus penetrates easily.

For that reason, simple moisturization is not enough, and the root cause of the problem must be addressed.

Earthworms have 2000 times the antibacterial peptide of other animals.

Our clinical trial results have also confirmed that

strengthening the skin barrier stops itching.

That is, we restore the broken skin barrier while resolving the root cause of the itching.

What if my child is still scratching...?

We wholeheartedly recommend Soonsoojaa’s Ato-derma line!



Can these products be used on sensitive skin?

Of course! They're perfect for it!

Soonsoojaa products use only EWG Green Grade ingredients that are certified safe and have all been judged non-irritating in relevant tests.

We minimize our use of oils and other ingredients that can cause skin problems, and all our lines are for sensitive, troubled skin :)



What products are recommended for sensitive skin?

Well... in short, sensitive skin is skin that’s easily reddened and heated, skin with severe skin troubles, and thin skin.

Try the following products:

1. Easily reddened, overheated skin - Ato-derma Mist, Ato-derma Soothing Gel

2. Thin, dry skin - Ato-derma Mist, Ato-derma Cream

3. Skin with severe skin troubles - Ato-derma Mist, Ato-derma Cream



Can these products be used on newborns and infants?

Soonsoojaa’s Ato-derma line is perfectly safe for newborns and infants :)



I saw on a beauty app that the ingredients are mild. Is that true?

Yes :) They're verrrry mild.

We not only use safe ingredients, but also consider the quality.

We look for only the most effective ingredients and conduct research to develop smart, mild cosmetics.



I’m a pregnant mom with dermatitis. Can I use these products?

Which products are effective for me?

We wholeheartedly recommend Soonsoojaa’s Ato-derma Mist and Cream.

If you focus on resolving your itching first and moisturize sufficiently, you’ll see great results for sure!

It’s also a wonderful idea to massage Ato-derma Cream on stretchmarks :)



I've been using Bath and Shampoo Body Wash. Can I also use it to wash my face?

Ato-derma Bath and Shampoo is an all-in-one soap.

You can also use it to wash.

However, since the scalp and skin tissues of people aged 5 and up are slighly different, people who want a stronger shampoo may wish to use a different type of shampoo.

People who wear thick makeup can use it after basic cleansing (cleansing oil or cream) for perfect cleansing :)



When can I use the mist effectively?

For children, it’s most effective when sprayed occasionally on itchy areas or areas with various skin problems like heat rash or overheating.

Adults can use it as a substitute.

A quick tip: you’ll see the fastest effects from spraying mist on a cotton swab or onto a problem area of your skin.



Which product is the most effective moisturizer?

We recommend Ato-derma Cream.

Ato-derma Cream is famous for moisturizing deep into your skin.

We minimize its oil content and increase the amount of lecithin, which penetrates quickly and deeply, to eliminate the cause of stretching.

People with very dry skin may feel as if their skin is stretching a little and there may be no cream remaining on the surface of the skin for about one week.

You can apply cream at 5-minute intervals at such times.

You’ll see the changes in your skin about two weeks after you start using this cream :)

It controls the moisture balance within your skin by finding the root cause to leave you with naturally sleek skin!



My skin is really dry and itchy. Which product can help me?

We wholeheartedly recommend Ato-derma Mist.

Spray it occasionally on dry, itchy skin. If your skin is severely dry, spray the mist, then apply Ato-derma Cream about 5 minutes later.

The itching and dryness will completely disappear!


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